I love Misoshiru (Miso soup) !

I love Misoshiru (Miso soup)!

I like misoshiru. I eat it almost every day. Misoshiru is healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals.

In Japan we call miso soup misoshiru. It is essential to a Japanese breakfast. I prefer to drink it while eating my rice or side dish.

Misoshiru is made out of soybean paste (miso), the soup stock and with tofu, seaweed or vegetables. Traditionally, the soup stock is taken from dried kelp, dried bonito flakes or small dried fish. Recently, however, most people make the soup by using granule-type seasoning.


I take the soup stock from good dried kelp and dried bonito flakes whenever I eat it. Good dried kelp and dried bonito flakes are expensive but the soup stock taken from them is delicious. I want to cook misoshiru carefully.

After lunch, on the previous day, I use a glass vessel ( dashi pot) to make the dashi soup stock. A glass vessel(dashi pot) is composed of a glass pot and a smaller net pot. I put good dried kelp and dried bonito flakes and water in them. Next day I make misoshiru by using it. Miso is like fungus. It is living. So I do never boil the soup stock.

dashi pot



After taking out it from a refrigerator, I warm it by using a microwave oven and then put it with tofu and Welsh onion into a pot. Carefully I warm it at the fire. When I put vegetables into it, I warm them by using a microwave oven. Never boil misoshiru. The last time I put miso in this broth and then at soon I put the pot out of the fire.

Soybean paste(miso) is usually used to add flavor and taste to the dashi soup stock.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning and is produced by fermenting soy beans with salt and the fungus, known in Japanese as koji (麹). Miso also plays an important nutritional part in a Japanese food.  We have many kinds of miso in Japan.

Miso in the west area is lighter in color than in the east.

Therefore, we also have many kinds of misoshiru.

Have you ever eaten misoshiru ? I also love to eat soup made in your country.