Sushi I love!

Sushi I love!

Sushi is a very popular Japanese food for Japanese people and lately even foreign people.


My American student didn’t like sushi.


When I was younger however, most foreign people didn’t like to eat sushi because it is made with vinegar rice and raw fish or shell fish. Judy, an American woman, to whom I taught Japanese, didn’t like sushi.

I cooked my American student sushi.

She told me she didn’t want to eat raw fish, so I cooked her sushi that was made out of vinegar rice, vegetables, tofu and fried eggs similar to omlette. She was very pleased with the sushi cooked by me in her kitchen.

Chirashi Sushi


We have many kinds of sushi in Japan.

We have many kinds of sushi in Japan. Chirashi Sushi is especially varied. It is not usually made out of raw fish or shell fish. We customarily eat it on such festivals as Hinamatsuri(girls’ day) in March, Tango no sekku(boys’ day) in May or other special events.

Hinamatsuri(girls’s day)


Inari Sushi


Futomaki Sushi(Sushi Roll)


Expensive sushi restaurants

Sushi is, however, too expensive for most Japanese people to eat regularly although it is considered a typically Japanese food. Expensive restaurants don’t display the price of the items on the menu, so customers don’t know how much their bill will be until they get it at the end.



Kaiten Sushi

A cheaper alternative is to go to a restaurant where small plates containing the items are placed on a conveyor belt. The name of this cheaper restaurant is Kaiten Sushi (We call Kaiten Zushi).


In Kaiten Sushi the items go around and around and customers take the ones they want to eat, and the price of each item is indicated by the design of the plate on which the item is on. Therefore customers can easily choose and comfortably eat sushi.


You had better go to Kaiten Sushi.

I think most foreigners perhaps prefer Kaiten Sushi to an expensive sushi restaurant. I think Kaiten Sushi is the most unique restaurant in the world. At the first time when you come to Japan, you had better go to Kaiten Sushi. You can enjoy sushi. I advise you after you have experienced Kaiten Sushi a few times, you should go to a famous and expensive sushi restaurant.


Sushi in an expensive restaurant is delicious!

I would definitely love to eat sushi at an expensive restaurant. Sushi in an expensive restaurant is delicious, as it’s prepared by wonderfully skilled artisan chefs. How nice it tastes!